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Welcome to McDonalds Scenic Farm Tours

Thank you for choosing our exclusive McDonalds Scenic Farm Tours.

Our tours are run by very close members of the McDonald family. They have been designed & created to give each person, couple and or family, a most special and unique experience that they will enjoy and remember as one the best tours they have ever experienced. No expense has been spared.

Our tours will take you to places one can never access as many of your experiences are on private properties. The South Island of New Zealand has been our home for 5 generations over 139 years. Upon joining our tours, you will be treated as part of our extended family. We look forward to meeting you personally.

Meet the McDonalds

Welcome to McDonalds Scenic Farm Tours

“McDonalds Scenic Farm Tours” members have travelled exclusively around the world over the last 20 years. During their travels they have learned what a memorable  experience is, and what a pleased to forget experience is. Below is a summary of our collective knowledge, of what constitutes amemorable and fun tour experience.

The Memorable Highlights have been:

  • Having the opportunity to meet with real farming people of the world, and learn from them how they genuinely love working with the farm animals in their care. This is an inbuilt instinct going back to biblical days.
  • Realising the farmers really care about the environment and do everything in their power to farm as sustainable caretakers of their land.
  • Learning from the farming families how they maintain their family relationships, to teach from an early age the next generation the fundamentals of how to care for farm animals and their land.
  • Enjoy being incorporated (where possible) in the daily chores of farming.
  • Learning about the history and culture of the people from each country visited.

The pleased to forget experiences:

  • Spending up to 10 hours per day travelling on buses and trains, to get to the next specific destination, with nearly everyone bored and asleep.
  • We found ourselves at most destinations surrounded by other tourists, so we never had the opportunity to mix with the local people.
  • After you have seen 3 cathedrals and 2 castles you have really seen enough!!

McDonalds Scenic Farm Tours

Farms and Stations that have been owned by the four generations of the McDonalds family since 1878

1 1878 “Westview” 2000 acres John’s Grandfather
2 1890 “Arthurs Point Form” 500 acres John’s Grandfather
3 1914 “Gibbston Valley” 5000 acres John’s Grandfather
4 1930 “Mararoa Station” 30000 acres John’s Grandfather
5 1930 “Ben Lomond Station” 32000 acres John’s Father
6 1950 “Action Meadows” 1600 acres John’s Father
7 1968 “Winton Form” 400 acres John’s Sister Dorothy & lan
8 1970 “Waipounamu” 900 acres John’s Sister Jessie & Alister
9 1972 “Glen Donald” 700 acres John’s Brother Ranald
10 1985 “Westerly” 1200 acres John’s Brother Bill & Elaine
11 1986 “Tawanui” 700 acres John’s Brother Ranald
12 1990 “Hegans” 1000 acres John’s Brother Bill & Elaine
13 1998 “Mt Herbert Station” 2000 acres John, Joy & Family
14 1999 “Cone Peak Station(leased)” 6000 acres John’s Son Scott McDonald
15 2005 “Snowline Station” 4700 acres John, Joy & Family
16 2005 “Cheddar Valley Station” 6800 acres John’s Son Jason & Tracey
17 2011 “Kinaston Run” 3000 acres John’s Son Glen & Alisa
  • 1 st Generation

    Grandfather   :  Charles McDonald

    Grandfather : John Cockburn

  • 2 nd Generation

    Father : William McDonald

    Mother : Margaret Cockburn

  • 3 rd Generation

    Brother : Bill McDonald

    Sister : Margaret Ann McDonald (not farmers)

    Sister : Jessie McDonald

    Brother : Ranold McDonald

    Sister : Dorothy McDonald

    Sister : Jeanette McDonald (not farmers)

    Brother : John McDonald

    John McDonald married Joy Crawford (4th generation farmers)
  • 4 th Generation

    Son : Scott McDonald

    Son : Jason McDonald

    Daughter : Jen Reynolds (nee McDonald)

    Son : Glen McDonald

  • 5 th Generation

    Granddaughter : Baylea McDonald

    Grandson : Jed McDonald

    Granddaughter : Sophie McDonald

    Grandson : Archie McDonald

    Granddaughter : Olivia McDonald

    Grandson : Jacob McDonald